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Awareness Examen

“ We are talking about an experience in faith, of growing sensitivity to the unique, intimately special ways that the Lord’s Spirit has of approaching and calling us.”
George Aschenbrenner sj
Review for Religious 31 (1972)

“ The Examen is a methodical prayer that helps you meet Jesus in your daily life, as he encourages you to do God’s will. The Examen helps you grow in spiritual sensitivity and helps you recognize and receive God’s care and assistance....

The more we notice how we can change and move toward God like flowers to the sun, the freer we become. As God continually labors within us to make us more like His Son, we can either cooperate with his unfolding creation or freely choose not to. The choice is ours, and, like the prophets, Ignatius reminds us to “Choose Life! “
Phyllis Zagano
“ Examen of Consciousness”

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